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Nutrition Coaching
Grocery store tour (what to buy or not to buy?)
Read the label and make better food choices.
Get the nutrition facts!

Are you the type of person that always skips breakfast? Trying to lose some weight? Do you tend to skip meals frequently everyday? Think your diet could use some improvement? Want to learn how to “eat clean”?  

 Talk to our Nutrition Coach about things such as:

  • A personalized healthy eating plan
  • Your body weight
  • Vegetarian or Vegan diets
  • Healthy eating on a budget and learning fresh, new recipes
  • Better food choices
  • Special diets for certain health conditions
  • Cleansing or detoxifying
  • Grocery store tour (what to buy or not to buy)

Nutrition Coaching Packages:

  • 1st Nutrition Assessment and Meet & Greet is FREE!!

  • Save money by purchasing Nutrition Coaching sessions in bulk – the more you purchase the more you save! 

  • We have a variety of packages to suit your budget and your nutritional needs.

  • Seniors and Students will receive 10% OFF all nutrition coaching  packages.

  • Packages are also transferable. If you can’t use them, you can transfer them to a friend or spouse.

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Healthy Nutrition + Fitness

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Healthy Nutrition

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